Meet the Band

Jack Harrington

Jack Harrington has been performing since the Chicago garage bands days of the 1960s. He rocked teenage night clubs with his band The Idd. They performed at popular venues such as The Pink Panther, The Green Gorilla, The New Place, The Hut, The Plant Room, and the Dupage County Fairgrounds, with other Chicago musical favorites like the Shadows of Night, The Mauds, The Little Boy Blues, and The Del Vettes.


John Kraman

John Kraman draws his rock ‘n roll roots from his home state of California. He became very active in the Rockford, Illinois, rock scene of the 1980s, performing as singer and lead guitar player for The Fury.


Jeff Weinman

Jeff Weinman became involved in rock ‘n roll in the 60s, when Ringo Starr’s drumming lead Jeff to a new set of Ludwig drums. He has been performing in rock venues since then.